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Yes, filmmaking is expensive...even using the more labor-intensive and less money-intensive techniques that I use. There are always cameras and projectors to maintain, film and chemistry and tape and hardware for building equipment to buy, as well as things like travel and the daily needs of life. It all adds up!

As George Bailey said about money to his guardian angel Clarence (who didn't need it) in Frank Capra's classic movie It's a Wonderful Life, "it sure comes in handy around here, bub!" Much as I would like to hew to Clarence's angelic detachment, I in fact live in the material world and Mr. Bailey voices an inescapable truth. More money literally means more resources for making more films, writing more chamber cinema music, and exploring ever more ambitious new directions in my work.

If you see value in what I do, then I encourage you to make a financial contribution to support my continuing efforts. Your donation, no matter how small, goes entirely to underwriting my work. Sometimes all I really need is ten dollars to buy some Sodium Sulfite to make developers; other times I need more like a thousand dollars to make a print of a new film. Regardless, your support makes a huge difference and I greatly appreciate your participation!

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