Musical Works
Into the West, for four strings, three winds, and percussion, 40 minutes, 1997
Still Silent for all these Years, composition for a chorus of dancers, 1996
Hokey Pokey, sound piece, 3 minutes, 1996
In Verge, string quartet, 30 minutes, 1995
Wet Dreams, music for dance, 7 minutes, 1992
Kinesis, electronic composition for dance, 4 minutes, 1992
Variations for Two Pianos, chamber work, 12 minutes, 1991
Owed To Climbing, electronic composition, 15 minutes, 1991
Dance piece for Seven dancers, electronic composition, 8 minutes, 1990
Fleurs, composition for soprano and piano, 5 minutes, 1987
Initiation, for piano, recitation, vocal ensemble, and harmonic resonator, 1986


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